2014 National Women’s Volleyball Training List, Fujian Xu Yunli, Shen Jingsi was selected by Zhang Xian
Minnan News March 19 last year, we often see Xu Yunli, Shen Jingsi and Zhang Xian, three Fujianese, appearing simultaneously as the main players in the women’s volleyball national team game.But this year, this “scenery” is gone!Yesterday, the National Volleyball Center announced the list of 27 women’s volleyball teams this year, and Xu Yunli was selected as the deputy; the position of the second pass changed to the return of Tianjin team Wei Qiuyue. Shen Jingsi estimated that he had “fallen” to the bench again; freelance Zhang Xian did notShortlisted.Shen Jingsi passed the ball to Xu Yunli Xu Yunli: Much better than the previous two Olympic cycles, Xu Yunli was selected for the national team.After a year of international competition, fatigue and injuries are inevitable.In the 2013-2014 season of the National Women’s Volleyball League, the Fujian team hopes to have the fate of relegation every year, introducing two foreign aids, and Xu Yunli is also duty-bound to play all games.It is a pity that the Fujian team still failed to enter the top eight, and Xu Yunli entered the rehabilitation stage, and her waist and leg injuries need time to recover.  ”Nurture, much better.”” Yesterday, Xu Yunli revealed on the phone that today she will go to Shanghai for treatment and go directly to Beijing for training on the 23rd.Shen Jingsi’s position fluctuates Shen Jingsi (left) and Xu Yunli last year, the fall of Wei Qiuyue’s second setter caused considerable controversy.In essence, Shen Jingsi’s performance made the fans mixed.After returning to Tianjin from Azerbaijan, Wei Qiuyue became a key figure in the team’s turnaround, and then entered Lang Ping’s sight again.With the return of Wei Qiuyue, Shen Jingsi is likely to return to the bench from the main force.”She will definitely do her best, if there is still no effort, there will be no regrets.”Mr. Shen Jingsi said.Zhang Xian lost his normal election in recent years. Zhang Xian has been damaged by neck injuries, and transformed the growth of newcomers such as Chen Zhan and Shan Danna. Zhang Xian, who was already his wife last year, was also expected to lose.In addition, Wang Yimei, Ma Yunwen and Zhang Lei who went overseas to “gold rush” last year were also not selected this time.  In the big list, Jiangsu Chang Zhangning, who moved from sand volleyball to indoor volleyball, and newcomers such as Li Jing, who have performed well in the league, are more eye-catching.In the coaching staff, the former men’s volleyball player, the current Shandong women’s volleyball coach An Jiajie was called into account, but Hu Jin, who reorganized and served as the female volleyball team leader and coach, did not appear.Second set of training list: Wei Qiuyue, Yao Di, Ding Xia, Shen Jingsi, Wang Na* Main offenses: Chen Liyi, Hui Ruoqi, Li Jing, Zhu Ting, Liu Xiaotong, Yin Na*, Liu Yanhan*, Wang Qi* Vice offensive: Xu Yunli, Yang Junjing, Liu Congcong, Yuan Xinyue, Yang Zhou, Wang Ning*Responses: Zeng Chunlei, Yang Fangxu, Zhang Changning, Li Ying(Reporter Huang Xuanxuan)

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