The difference in strength is obvious.
The 2019 Boiling Snow Beijing International Snow Federation single board and freestyle ski jumping world cup ended tonight on the 2nd day of the qualifying competition, and no Chinese players advanced to the men’s and women’s freestyle jumping finals.This year, Bosue entered its 10th year. The previous competition was only single-board, and this year the first double-board freestyle event was dated.The Swiss women’s freestyle qualifier took the lead in the afternoon, and Swiss player Julia Danye won 178 after three rounds of preliminaries.50 points to advance to tomorrow’s final with the first place.Canadian player Dara Howell and Italian player Sylvia Brittany ranked second and third.Yang Shuorui is the best player in the Chinese women’s team.The Beijing Sports Bureau provided a picture for the Chinese team to send a total of 4 athletes in the women’s freestyle qualifier, but they are all allowed to enter the finals.Yang Shuorui, the Chinese team’s best performer, scored 79.The 00-point score ranks 12th out of 14 finishers.At the men ‘s freestyle preliminaries that ended in the evening, no one from the Chinese team advanced to the finals.”Today’s performance was similar to expectations. The first jump was not very satisfactory, and I did not stand firm when I landed.”Zhao Qinglin scored only 11 points in the first jump. Fortunately, he basically completed the action in the next two days and finally scored 89.”75 points ranked 40th in the qualifiers.Yuan Ming, a teenager who switched from gymnastics to the big jumping platform last year, participated in the boiling snow competition for the first time, and finally ranked 41st. “I think today ‘s performance is worse than my best level. The goal before the game is a two-week oblique rollover.During the training, some movements were deformed, and the movements were temporarily changed.”For the first time in the same game with many masters, Yuan Ming also saw the gap,” the difference is mainly reflected in the difficulty and technology, foreign players are generally good in technology, and have big disadvantages.After this competition, I also hope to improve my technical difficulty, and I will predict a satisfactory result next time.”Yuan Ming’s final total score is 85.”00 points, this score is not as good as a round of high-level players.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading He Yan

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