Hiddink is still negotiating the termination of the contract, and the new Olympic Working Group has taken office
This afternoon, the Chinese Football Association announced the establishment of a leading team for the preparation of the Olympic Games, with Gao Hongbo and Hao Wei as the team leader and executive coach.This news is almost equivalent to the announcement of the “class” of the former Olympic coach Hiddink.Hiddink’s coaching of the Olympic Games is highly questioned.Photo / Osports Today, the media broke the news that the Football Association is negotiating with Hiddink to cancel the contract because of the poor performance of the team.In the Air Force’s Yellowstone Invitational, the Olympics tied 1-1 with North Korea and defeated Vietnam with 0-2.The second stage of the Olympic preliminaries gradually expanded, and this mediocre performance made it difficult to see hope for qualifying.The announcement issued by the Football Association this afternoon summarizes the preparations for the National Olympics of the Congress as “weak work”, and the composition of the personnel included in the new working group is announced to the public: the team leader is the new vice chairman of the Football Association Gao Hongbo, who is responsible for the construction of the national name.It is Hao Wei, the head of the Luneng Chinese coaching team, and Chen Yongliang and Tang Feng, the deputy leaders.The reason why the Chinese Football Association did not directly announce Hiddink “out of class” is because the specific plan to terminate Hiddink is still in the negotiation process.Due to the fact that there are many contracts signed between the Football Association and Hiddink, Hiddink will receive a certain amount of liquidated damages if he leaves.The fourth U23 Asian Cup and the final stage of the Tokyo Olympics qualifiers are coming to Thailand antiques in January next year. Before the start of the competition, they face a coach change. The preparations for the Olympic Games face serious challenges.It is understood that in order to allow the new working group and the team members to run in as soon as possible, the next training session of the Olympic Games will advance to September 22nd.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li

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