NBA player Ante Torcombo wants to meet Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Elena, the age difference is 9 years old
On January 19th, Beijing time, the second-year Bucks Giannis Antetocombo is known for his long arms. Today he extended his hand to the Russian supermodel Irina who just broke up with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.Ronaldo’s predecessor, I heard that Jelena is now single. Ante Torcombo leans on her Twitter account. Should I trust her privately?Or do you think it is too early?Hahahaha!Elena is 29 years old, and Alphabet Brother is 20 years old.  The Portuguese media recently revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Elena, who had been in love for five years, officially broke up. The reason was that Jelena refused to participate in Cristiano Ronaldo’s 60th birthday party. This move made Cristiano Ronaldo determined to end the relationship.In retaliation, Elena has cancelled her attention to Ronaldo on Twitter.  Brother Alphabet is not the first NBA star who has publicly stated on social media to date an actress. The 76ers rookie Joel Embiid is a pioneer. He has publicly stated that he wants to date pop star Rihanna, and later alsoThe media reported on the progress.  We have been doing well, and we have had a date before. Embiid said that date was very good, and we are very happy because I am a very funny person.  I just don’t know, did the alphabet brother have good luck to tease Bide?(Li Shuangfu)

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