2015 Australian Open-Shava swept Bouchar to advance to the top four compatriots Makalova
Beijing time on January 27th, the Australian Open 2015 entered its ninth game day.In the second women’s singles semi-final in the first half, the No. 2 seed and 2008 champion Sharapova continued their excellent state since the start of the match, defeating last year by 6-3 / 6-2 straight sets and scored halfThe final Canadian beautiful girl Bouchard successfully advanced to the semifinals.In the semi-finals, Sharapova will compete with fellow Makalova for a final seat.Sharapova fists her fist to celebrate the second round of saving the match point after defeating Panova, Sharapova’s condition is gradually getting better.In the last round, when he played against a good-looking Chinese sister, Peng Shuai, he even sent eggs to sweep.Today, Shava ushered in the challenge of her successor Bouchard.The two have had three encounters in the past, and Sharapova, who is seven years old, has maintained a winning record.Obviously, in this two-generation beautiful girl battle, Shawa is still the more optimistic side.  At the beginning of the game, Sharapova, who quickly entered the state, had always pressed Bouchar’s backhand and scored a break. Subsequently, consecutive consecutive servings directly overlapped, and the Russian beauty was able to lead 2-0.After improving the quality of his serve, Bouchard kept his serve and stabilized the situation.However, Sharapova was not affected at all, and continued to lead 3-1 after sending Love Game.The Canadian rookie who saved the break point again started to strengthen his offensive efforts, but the old No. 2 seed still saved the key break after saving two break points, and continued to lead 4-2.The two sides subsequently defended their services, and Bouchard faced tremendous pressure in the 3-5 behind serve.The experienced Shava exerted pressure on the offensive end in time, and finally Bouchard, who had more errors, was broken again and handed out the first set victory 3-6.  Sharapova, who has no loss of feeling, took the lead in finishing the second round with a 1-0 lead.Bouchard’s performance stabilized, and after a semi-interceptive breakthrough to resolve the break point, Baofa tied the score.The Russian girl who made a comeback during the intraday period had the strength advantage of the bottom line attack, and finally achieved a break in the fourth game.After resisting Bouchar’s counterattack, Sharapova reset the lead 4-1.Both sides secured their own, and Bouchard was forced into a tie after squandering the non-guaranteed eighth inning.At a critical moment, Maria resisted the serve and won points to force out the match point.After playing a clear forehand straight line in a multi-shot contest, Sharapova locked the victory 6-2 and broke into the semifinals.In the semifinals she will compete with her fellow Makalova for a final seat.(Benson)

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