Sports Morning News: Chinese men’s volleyball team headed for the Olympics, Ibrahimovic harvest returns to the first goal
[Domineering]Ibrahimovic returns to Milan’s first goal Ibrahimovic pushes and breaks the goal.The 19th round of Serie A kicked off last night when AC Milan beat Cagliari 2-0 away.In the second half, Leo broke the deadlock for AC Milan.In the 64th minute, Ibrahimovic, 38, scored with his left foot in the penalty area and scored his first goal after returning to Milan.In the 82nd minute, Ibrahimovic scored a header again, but unfortunately was sentenced to offside.[CBA]Slam dunk contest became the “small” stage Feld scored a perfect score.All-Star weekend events officially began last night. In the emerging challenge, Marbury’s coached star Rui team defeated the Chinese college student team 83-75.In terms of individual events, three “small” players performed well in the dunk contest and successfully advanced to the final; Hu Jinqiu, who was 2 meters and 10 meters tall, unexpectedly broke into the final of the Skill Challenge.(Details >> CBA all-stars do not play according to the routine?) 【Reversal】 Beijing women’s volleyball team won a third round ahead of the 2019-2020 season in the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League final three and four rounds last night. The Beijing women’s volleyball team defeated the Guangdong team 3-2 in a two-time backward situation.The Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team won the third and fourth places in the three-game two-win system and won the third place of the season.(Basketball News >> Beijing Women ‘s Volleyball Team Locks Season Bronze Medal ahead of schedule][Chong’ao]Chinese Men ‘s Volleyball Team is one step away from the Tokyo Olympics. In the semi-finals of the Asian Men ‘s Volleyball Qualifying Tournament held last night, the Chinese Men ‘s Volleyball Team defeated Qatar 3-1.Advance to the final.Jiang Chuan scored 23 points in the game.Tonight’s championship battle will begin between the Chinese men’s volleyball team and the Iranian men’s volleyball team, and the winners of the two teams will receive a ticket for the Tokyo Olympics.(Details >> Chinese men’s volleyball team will compete with Iran for “Olympic tickets”) Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Liu Jun

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