After the epidemic, what do drama people most want to do?丨 Special Planning for World Drama Day
Every year on March 27th, theater people all over the world are celebrating “World Theater Day”, but this year, this festival has been a little special. The drama people have never been in the theater for such a long timeThe audience cannot be seen in a row, the “Pause Button” makes the drama people miss and look forward to.What are the drama people doing in this special “holiday”?On Drama Day, Sauna Night invited drama people to share their thoughts during the epidemic. Although the work was suspended, the thinking continued, and they were ready to return to the theater.Drama people, happy holidays.Question 1 of the same question, have you done something that you have not tried before after the outbreak?2. What specific impacts does the epidemic have on your work?3. Have you made some preparations for resuming work?4. If the theater can be fully resumed, what do you want to do after the performance?5. What will happen to your creation after the epidemic?Note: There is no order, some dramatists only choose to answer relevant translations.Lantianye (Performing Artist) 1. When the epidemic occurs, all I can do is not add chaos!Persevere in not going out, not touching, and doing well.Stay at home and do something good, expressing your feelings on the prevention and control of the epidemic through pictures and texts, and some videos have been put on the bus.2. I’m preparing for a new play. I’m asking someone to write a script. Now I can’t meet to discuss the script. Fortunately, it’s not yet a scheduled play. It’s not anxious and its impact is not big.3. In this year’s performance plan for the theater, there was a play I directed and a play I participated in, all in the second half of the year.If the epidemic improves before August, it will not affect the start of the rehearsal. It is now difficult to predict.4. The theater can resume rehearsals and performances, that is, to prepare the above-mentioned drama that I want to direct and perform, and to meet the audience again, everyone is happy!5. I mainly talk about new scripts with playwrights. This is a play I plan to play next year!If the rehearsal performance can be resumed in August, my two plays will not change this year, and I hope to finalize the new play this year.Generally (playwrights) 2. The uneasiness, panic, and powerlessness brought about by the epidemic all have an impact on writing, but in turn, I have faced many of the problems that I have seen in the past, which has a deeper impact on the world and people I live in.Thinking.5. There will definitely be changes, but it is not a one-off event. It is still a process of chewing, rumination, and absorption. The results will slowly appear in the gradual writing.Feng Yuanzheng (captain, director, actor of Beijing actor and actress) 1, first tried online meetings.Before, our actor team always wanted to try in branch management, this time it came true.After the outbreak, we opened two branch committees and one branch meeting. Party members participated online all over the line. This is a new attempt.At the same time, we also opened an online class for the actors and scholars class, and let Teacher Pu Cunxin give a lecture. For the scholars, it made everyone feel like meeting again.In addition, we are trying to read the scripts of young actors online. Everyone is particularly enthusiastic about signing up. Through online rehearsals, we now have three crews working at the same time.2. It has an impact on the performance. The “Family Portrait” I was performing was interrupted, and it also has a certain impact on the performance behind our theater.In my personal work, some of the work for students is stalled.3. Mainly read the script at home.For the plays I have performed before, and the ones I want to perform again later, I will look at the script again, similar to “Confidante”.There are also new scripts being watched, and I am watching new plays written by two writers.4. I want to walk into the theater most and go to the stage to perform.At present, “Family Portrait” can’t be performed anymore. If there is my play, I hope to continue acting.If there is no arrangement, I most want to go to the academic class to give everyone a class and do training.Another thing I want to do the most is to meet everyone and see all the actors and talents.5. There must be a change. During this period of time, I was able to live more regularly than at home. I regained the skills of cooking and barbering, and it took more time to think.This will calm down my future creations, slow down my pace, and I won’t rush to do many things anymore. I will create more calmly.Next, I hope that my work will return to normal. I will do things step by step.Liang Danni (Beijing actor and actress) 1. During this time, I recorded video recitations from Beijing TV stations, theaters, poetry associations and other organizations because of the epidemic situation. There are other forms of anti-epidemic programs, so that one wall of the home has a fixed shooting background, I hope we can do our best through sound and video.Another thing is that the epidemic has brought us back to family life. For so many years, because of work, neither Expedition nor I stayed together at home for so long, cooking and eating at home.The expedition also gave me haircuts and shoes at home. I didn’t have these times before. These are some of the attempts brought by this outbreak.The biggest thing I experienced during this time was that my mother died in Guangzhou. Because it was during the epidemic, I would have a lot of difficulties from Beijing to Guangzhou, so it was very heartbreaking for my loved ones to fail to go back to see the old man for the last time.2. It must be a show, because during the epidemic it happened during the performance of our “Family Portrait”.This drama has been enduring for 15 years and has been particularly popular for many performances. I have also shaped this character for 15 years.But this performance happened just before and after the epidemic. From seeing a mask under the stage to stopping the performance, we have never entered the backstage of the theater since then.3. The first is to exercise my physical fitness. I have to practice at home every day. I have to take a look at the scripts I have performed before, and I will re-examine the handling of the tricks with the expedition.At the same time, I will refer to a lot of foreign films, and I can help myself by watching other people’s performances.Recently, the expedition gave lectures to professors on the Internet. I will listen to them and talk with some young actors after the end. These are all preparations for future work.Still preparing to write books, writing little by little, later learning to write at home and enriching myself, because the cultivation of actors is endless.4. Participate in the rehearsals and performances of the theater and perform the performances in the second half of the year. This is what I am most looking forward to and want to do.5. I will reorganize my role to improve continuously.Because I love the stage and my career, I will do my best to perform every performance well, and go all out to let the big or small roles I play play bright.After the epidemic, I always feel that it is not easy for a person to live a lifetime. Having a healthy body, someone in love, and a career they like are very happy and should be cherished.Hu Kaiqi (theatre translator) 1, for the first time tried to translate the great white plague of the great Czech writer Chapek, who is the same as Kafka, and impressed the Czech writer’s profound insight and humanitarian spirit.2. Originally scheduled to go to Beijing in late March to participate in the rehearsal of the Gulou West Theater’s 2020 Grand Opera “Broken Hand City” written by Martin McDonough, as a translator and literary consultantThe rehearsal of “Doll’s House-Part 2” as a translation drama and literary consultant has been expected due to the epidemic situation.3. After resuming work, first promote the stage debut of the above two productions, as well as Martin McDonough’s “Black Cat Tommy” (“Lieutenant of Inisimo Island”), Mabo’s “Intimacy” andHarold’s “Black Bird” will promote the production. My completed translation, McDonnell’s “The Lame of Inisieman” is also scheduled to premiere in Beijing at the end of this year.4. Plan to complete the translation of the 2007 version of the trilogy of Tom Utopia as soon as possible.The nine-hour epic drama commissioned by the author was delayed for two years. The author has always expected it to appear on the Chinese stage as soon as possible.5. Translated drama is of great significance to the modern process of Chinese drama.To borrow a maxim: The theory is gray, and the stage play is evergreen!The presentation of Western contemporary classic texts pursued over the years on the Chinese stage is growing and maturing in various theaters.The translation of British contemporary dramas is the focus of my next stage. I will publish the first and second volumes of the McDonough drama collection (10 dramas), the Karel Churchill drama collection, the Harold drama collection, and the UK’s contemporary face-to-face plays(Below) and the selection of Mamet’s plays in the United States, etc., hoping that these works can add luster to the modern spirit of the Chinese drama stage.Tang Ye (Beijing Human Arts Director) 1. After the outbreak, I have paid more attention and participated in online activities on the Internet. These actively participate in some online activities to fight the outbreak and give them to others through these literary forms.To encourage and express our mood.2. The biggest impact is that we would rehearse on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, and perform after the Spring Festival, but the epidemic caused our theater to be closed to the outside world. Our rehearsal performance was affected.Able to perform.3. I recently had time to settle down to read books that I didn’t have time to finish, and at the same time I was doing some novel adaptations.Time calmed down like this, like pressing Pause, let me go back to the furnace.4. Originally, during the epidemic, I wanted to create some related and well-recognized works, but there was a lot of inconvenience because everyone could not get together.After resuming work, I most hope to be able to communicate with people on the front line of “anti-epidemic”, both volunteers and medical staff.The creation of epidemic works is complementary, and more importantly, to know what we modern people think and how to face such difficulties. This will provide us with a solid life accumulation and creation of characters and creation of works in the future.Character accumulation.5. The epidemic itself makes us rethink the value of life.Let us reflect on many things.What do we need most for our stage creation?Should we behave some kind of person?What kind of thing?This will have an impact on my future creations.I hope that in the future, I will be more attentive, that the characters can exceed expectations, and that the people and things reflected in our works can directly hit the audience’s mind.Yue Xiuqing (Beijing actor and actress) 1. I live in isolation and do not go out at home continuously. This has not happened before.2. Our original performance was gone, and the original teaching plan of the actor training class was also affected.3. Because I am the head teacher of the Humanities and Arts Scholars Class, there are some teaching tasks that are now to teach and communicate with scholars through the Internet.4. What I want most is to perform, and to meet with scholars.5. As always, create well. As an actor, we always have to carefully shape every character.Wu Gang (Beijing actor and actress) 1. Isolate at home. Many things that I originally did outside need to be done at home.2. The original planned filming stopped, and the performance on the stage will also be affected.3. Read books at home and read a lot of scripts in order to accumulate and prepare for shaping the characters later.4. Most want to act, whether it is a film or television drama or a drama, all want to create characters.5. It may not be an obvious change, but after precipitation, time and experience will enrich our creation.Gong Lijun (Beijing actor and actress) 1, first tried to learn how to make pastry, and now it has a look.2. All the rehearsal performances in our theater have been cancelled, and the classes I have given to academics have been changed online.3. Thinking of my next performance, I will now watch the previous video, read the script, and prepare for the performance.4. What I want most is to cherish the performance opportunities.5. After the epidemic is over, the time may be tight in a short period of time. I have more work to do. Work harder on creation.Guan Bo (captain of the National Grand Theater actor) 1, brushed a day of news, information worry.Cloud class.I went to the restaurant like a thief, but didn’t open the door.2. The normal creative performance was interrupted, canceled, and the way of going to work changed.3. Still struggling in the specific creation.Sensitively accept the accumulation of life and reserve creative materials.Simply put, it is raising.4. Give everyone Ju Yiju, and disinfect by the way.5. More aversion to anti-intellect.Zhou Liming (Culture Review, Film Critics, Critics, Wuzhen Drama Festival Jury) 1, Suddenly, the two-month residence gave me the opportunity to watch more than 100 videos of British and American stage plays;The rhythm of Wuzhen Theatre Festival.These are the stocks I have accumulated for many years, so I can charge and reward myself.Sometimes I feel that I have returned to the era of graduate school, such as a thirsty thirst for knowledge that meets redundant time.2. All work that requires face-to-face must be suspended, but I also tried to record programs remotely.3. Has been paying attention to his field, including film, drama and tourism culture.The only thing not done is pure writing.It stands to reason that the period of isolation is a good time to write, but I have inspiration but no urge to write at all.Very strange.4. The first step is to walk into the theater and watch a play.Theater experience cannot be replaced by video.I am curious what the first drama will be after the epidemic is over. I think it would be more interesting to choose an unheard of work.5. I may pay more attention to the advantages of experience.Video, theater, theme park projects, etc., have their own characteristics, and sometimes there will be overlap and fusion, but if the characteristics that are most suitable for their own experience are done to the extreme, or try some unprecedented grafting, there will be bright spots.Wang Keran (Chief Producer of Yanghua Drama) 1, a.I thought about giving up the drama.Because I feel that the drama is powerless, helpless and helpless when the decisive life appears.b.We can only stick to it. At least drama can be a craft of communication education. This is an era when civilization breaks through the crowd. We have to give up ourselves to have the opportunity to go to different crowds and pass wise methods.2, a.Dozens of shows were cancelled.b.In June, the original “New Wilderness” was invited to the actor’s Spring Drama Festival, and now it should not be possible.C.This year, the world drama season in cooperation with Poly is affected, and most of the works may have to be cancelled.d.The creation of a big play at the end of the year was originally performed at the French People ‘s Theatre, and it is now very dangerous.… In short, the influence is very wide.3. Adjust the plan, consider the new script related to the moment . prepare a large number of masks.4. Observe the audience and pay attention to their theater experience after the epidemic.5. More attached to our original intention of creation . Focus on people and love!Stick to the truth!Shi Hang (screenwriter, planner, critic, jury member of Wuzhen Drama Festival) 1, many books that I bought before but never read, are now open for reading.Including many books that I have always wanted to reread, I can finally do two or three brushes. I used to say that buying books is like going downhill and reading books is like drawing silk. I have n’t been downstairs in Changchun’s hometown for two months.Reading in the attic.It can be regarded as a kind of Yugong Yishan, with thick and thin on average it is about one book a day.2. I’m a screenwriter and a curator. I feel that I can take control of my work and have little influence.After all, everyone is affected.Specifically, I am also a film critic, because the new film can’t be released, and my film critic program “Parrot’s Voice” stopped.In addition, what I care more about is the public welfare reading meeting held in Beijing Gulou West Theater once a month. It will only be postponed in February and March.I really wanted to start a new reading on Saturday, February 29, a leap month, and it was very commemorative every four years.I can only hope to wait for the next four years of February 29, this reading session will still exist.3. Reading and frantically watching Japanese dramas is to prepare for resumption of work. I want to continue to hold reading sessions. Now these may be the content of future reading and sharing.4. If the theater is fully resumed, I will go to the theatre as before.5. There is indeed a little more thinking. In the past, it was like catching up more often. I felt that the market was short of things. I now have a look after looking at the distance.What exactly do you want to write in your life?Start asking yourself this question.Only when we cannot meet can we truly understand what it means to be together.If you do n’t know how to cherish the theatre before, you should n’t.Fu Jia (Beijing actor and actress) 1. After the outbreak, our theater actor team asked everyone to stop work and practice, so we tried to read the online script for the first time online.2. No matter whether it is the work of the theater or the rest of the work, my two dramas in the theater were affected in the first half of this year.3. Resuming work depends on the next arrangement, but as actors we are always preparing, these skills can not stop, so practice lines and form.I have to press my legs and practice at home every day to keep my state.4. I want to go to the theater most. I watch theater plays and performances by outside troupes. I used to love watching theaters before.There may not be my performance next, so I will continue to appear in the theater to enjoy watching the show.5. Creation will be devoted, serious and more active, because I always love this cause.Lin Xiyue (director, executive art director of Lin Zhaohua Theatre Invitational Exhibition), 2. This year’s “Lin Zhaohua Theatre Invitational Exhibition” was closed for a period due to epidemic situation.3. In the creative performance of a new drama.4. Rearrange and modify “White Snake”.Manding (Art Director of Intermediate Theater) 1. Doing live broadcasts and communicating with our audience online. I feel that network anchors are a very professional thing and difficult.2. In addition to the closure of business, this year’s program plan has all been disrupted and needs to be readjusted.3. Psychological preparation is the most important to ease anxiety.4. Ask what each audience did during the epidemic.5. I mainly do production and program planning, and correct after the epidemic. Some originally planned works are not suitable for the context of the moment, so I have to change them.Ding Yiteng (drama director, actor) 1. At the invitation of a friend of the media, I broadcasted several times at home. I still feel very fresh, but still nervous through the camera.2. The director’s performance workshop to be opened in Beijing in early April was postponed, and the latest work “Wound Disappeared in the Dark Night” performed at Rulun Lecture Hall at the end of April was also cancelled.Some of the work in the Danish Odin Theatre Company arranged for the outbreak of the transition epidemic in Europe, which was also delayed.3. Let’s regain confidence. Many things can’t be seen, just like the things in my heart.Now it should be said that when the epidemic is fermenting in Europe, some of my foreign drama friends have a collapsed mentality. Since I ca n’t afford the rent because I ca n’t work, I also think about switching.Vigorously.I was very moved yesterday and received a call from director Eugenio Barba. The main point is to let us young dramatists not lose faith.Then it is to enrich some director’s ideas and make some plans for future creation.4. I miss my drama team very much. I will cherish the time I spent with them in the theater. I used to take it for granted. Now I feel that being together is fate and precious.I’m going to invite them to eat a copper pan shabu-shabu first!5. Although I will not deliberately create works about the “epidemic situation”, I feel that the works will pay more attention to inner peace and quietness.Everyone says that the art circle is impetuous. Now you are forced to stop and let you think about one thing or an idea a few times. It is actually a good thing for our creators, so I expect some original after the epidemic.Good work.Huang Ying (National First Class Director, Associate Professor, Director of the Beijing Film Academy) 1. Eat one vitamin a day.Try to use Heidegger as the coordinate to sort out the development of Western philosophy forward and backward; at the same time reread the classics of the pre-Hanwu period, trying to spy on a little cross-space relationship.2. People who love drama all love face-to-face communication and now have to pause.The film practitioners represented by Nolan are all representing the meaning of theater space for the social life of human groups, although the film itself is a digital copy that can be copied infinitely.Many are commonplace and take for granted. During the epidemic, humans were given an opportunity to “defamiliarize”, starting with China and now with the world.There is a little thing that Manager Zeng has proven to be-eating.We seem to be too used to filling our stomachs as we please, and even tangled over what to eat.During the epidemic, when staying at home, I found this kind of luxury with plenty of food and drink, which was hard-won.Import and export workers, vegetable farmers, transporters, supermarket employees, courier brothers and other ordinary people insisted on their positions to provide the most basic survival guarantee for the family to prevent epidemic.Eating is not a trivial matter.I started interviewing the elders by phone and on the Internet. With my childhood memories, I discovered those that were easily forgotten or had no experience at all, about eating.The common people’s rice, oil and salt will be the starting point of a new drama I created after the epidemic.There are many small things that need time to age.3. For two months, Huang Ying Studio has been holding creative planning meetings through online video conferences.Although the efficiency is lower than the meeting, we have increased the number of attendances a lot to achieve diligence and make up for it.4. I hope to hug old folks in the rehearsal field and feel the breath of the audience in the theater.”Opening Guide 〇” The performance plan for March was cancelled, and I hope that the performance of the National Theater in June will be on schedule, so that I can realize my wishes quickly.5. I believe it is not just me, creators all over the world will change spontaneously or unconsciously.In a sense, I am a stupid person, and the worldly life is often half a beat . but it may be a good thing for creation. If you taste it slowly, you will not be superficial even if it is simple.I am willing to give myself time before I know the answer.Li Guojie (drama producer and planner, deputy director of the Performing Arts Working Committee of the Chinese Academy of Dramatic Literature) 1, opened the WeChat public account “pigs wearing masks”, and pre-sold Yantai big cherries grown by parents in the circle of friends.2. The original invitation to invite Japanese artists to perform in China can only be postponed.A rehearsal that has already begun before the Spring Festival will temporarily stop rehearsing.3. The original work plan has been sorted over and over again, and once resumed, the work can be carried out immediately.4. Go to the theater to watch a play.Miao Ge (drama director, actor) 1. Downloaded Douyin.2. The epidemic disrupted the already scheduled performance plan, from step by step to stop all, without a little precaution, it appeared like this.3. Because it is not yet possible to predict the time to start the show, and the ongoing work is temporarily shelved, so I will use this time to find more scripts. There are many drama images on the Internet to enjoy. I have to arm myself more.4. Rehearse well, work hard to make money, and let yourself feel at ease, and your family will be at ease.5. Through this epidemic, I have strengthened my creative direction and theme. I should pay more attention to people and the fate of every little person around me so that more people can see them and give them enough love.Yan Nan (drama director, actor) 1. Say love to family.2. The work plan is expected and disrupted.3. Try to keep a good mind and body.4. Most want to see the audience fill the theater.5. It will be better.Gong Zhe (dramatic actor) 1, not currently, as usual.2. Waiting for recovery.3. Do homework and exercise.4. Sit all the chairs in the auditorium.5. I hope I can shoot some works that let everyone see the healing.Han Qing (Beijing Artistic Director, Actor) 1. During this time I happened to be out of Beijing. Apart from disseminating some knowledge about epidemic prevention to my family, I was not going out at home.Together with my friends, I donated several ventilators to the hospital in Wuhan.We first contacted the hospital and realized that the ventilator was the most urgently needed, so we went to the factory with our friends and bought the ventilator and transported it to the hospital.2. Our performance was cancelled. The rehearsal and performance arrangements that had been done were changed. I originally decided to return the ticket to Beijing according to my working hours.3. First of all, it is psychologically ready at all times. When the theater needs it, go back in the first time and work in isolation.At the same time, the actor team sends us articles every day. I am studying. I also read a series of books and materials and make good records. I hope that these accumulations will be helpful for future creations.I participated in the online rehearsal of the script reading, rehearsed with my colleagues in the form of video every day, read the script aloud, analyzed the characters, and worked every day in the participation.4. Now I am looking forward to the announcement to let us resume work every day. I miss the stage and the performance.After resuming work, I will take rehearsals and performances seriously as before, and will love my job more.5. For each of us, this epidemic is a magnifying glass. It makes some people’s lives turned upside down, and it also allows others to watch this for the first time.For us, we also think about disasters: what should we do in the future?What do I want?If impermanence is constant, should we continue to repeat this life?This kind of thinking is helpful to our creation. We will cherish every creative opportunity even more, and will deposit the experience and thinking of this period of time and apply it to future creations.Liu Zhiyang (Beijing actor and actress) 1. I have n’t tried online aloud scripts before. This time I read aloud the young actors ‘screenplays organized by the artiste. I read Cao Zhi in The Pride of HeavenLarge and half-text, Director Tang Ye comes to arrange for us every day, which is of great help to my lines.2. Originally, the first three days of the big year will rehearse the drama “Antique”, but it was cancelled due to the epidemic situation.3, I exercise at home every day to improve immunity.Also read books and movies to recharge yourself.4. I want to play a drama most, then go backstage and take a hot bath.5. During the epidemic, I saw more love and dedication, and I saw “China Speed” and “China Power”.So after the epidemic, my creation will definitely be affected by this subtle influence, and I will work harder to create each of my works.Yan Rui (Beijing Human Arts Director, actor) 1. One is to teach our human art academic classes online. Through the Internet, our teaching is not interrupted. This is an attempt.2. The biggest impact of the epidemic is that our performance on the stage has stalled.3. This period of time is to meditate and recharge.Studying the creative text at home, and doing some preliminary work for the future play.4. I most want to perform on stage and sit under the stage to watch the drama, to be able to feel everything that was once familiar on stage and below stage, and it is precious.5. I will infiltrate the experiences and the beauty and love, ugliness and evil caused by these days into the forward drama life.Yang Jiayin (Beijing Human Arts Director, actor) 1. In the epidemic situation, he gave lectures to the Human Arts Writing Class through network connection.Lead everyone to read scripts aloud online.This new form is unprecedented.2. Theater art is racial, which has a broad impact on me and our staff.3. I am always preparing for the resumption of work and rehearsal. During my stay at home, I will enhance my study and increase my thinking. These two aspects are indispensable.In addition to some developments in cultural knowledge, there is also more reverse thinking about one’s own profession and repeated scrutiny.4. During the month of shutdown, I have accumulated a lot of experience and experience. After the theater is resumed, the most hope is to be able to put these feelings, thoughts and records in the epidemic situation through our art works.The drops appear.5. There may not be too many changes, I still hope and will work hard to shape the greatness of ordinary people.Li Shuli (drama director) 1. The epidemic reduced my life to two things: reading and writing.It ‘s a very common thing, but it ‘s so continuous and high-density that you just read and write every day, and it ‘s really nothing cardiovascular.2. Around the Spring Festival is the traditional performance time of Nuo opera in the folk, originally arranged to investigate such Nuo opera in Hubei and Jiangxi provinces, can only be cancelled.In April, I originally planned to visit Hiroshima, Nara and other places where folk art performance festivals have been refunded.For research, field investigations cannot be done at all.3. A lot of work that cannot be done will not disappear immediately because it is not done, but only accumulated into the future.What I can do now is to make good use of time, to work harder than usual, to complete everything that can be done in advance, so that we will not be closed and busy when we resume work.4. In the past two years, I have been studying traditional dramas of folk performances. In fact, I have rarely entered theaters.But after resuming work this year, if I see a new work from a sincere creator, I want to buy a ticket and go to the theater to support it.The current creative environment provided to sincere creators is not good. Many people are more difficult. The epidemic situation may be worse. This is a little bit of a way I can think of temporarily.5. I feel that our troupe’s creation is relatively advanced.In 2018, we arranged a play called “Annual Ring Monster”. A very important part of the plot is the advent of the plague. The protagonists thought that the easy and innocent life was shattered and forced to face the cold winter. Their lives were truly invaded.Many of the questions the scriptwriter teacher addressed were not public topics at first, but I think there are more people discussing them now.This makes my confidence in creation more and more firm, and we will resolutely go down the road before.Yang Xiaoran (Theater Ferris Wheel Editor-in-Chief, Drama Reviewer) 1. Category information that has been backed up in the computer for almost ten years. I have n’t sorted the work because of the original work. This time I can finally have enough time.Come to organize.2. Originally, I entered the working state immediately after the Chinese New Year. Several projects and activities have been arranged in the first half of the year. Due to the epidemic situation, the project extension activities were cancelled. I am a freelancer, so the most direct impact is that the epidemic situation is basically now.There is no more work, and it means that there is no income.3. Due to the nature of the work, you can enter the working state at any time, so the most preparation is to pay attention to the form of the epidemic every day, and all kinds of information about the recovery of offline performances in various places, and look forward to the restoration of the theater.4. The most I want to do is to go to a show that I like. When I call the curtain, I applaud hard and heartily, walk out of the theater and discuss it with my friends.5. What I do is related to drama, media, and performance. There are not many creations involved, and the direction of work should not change too much.But personally, I am still looking forward to the domestic creators to create some related works based on the various things we experienced in this epidemic.To take a step back, the sudden changes in lifestyle in the past two months can actually create some very different works.Wei Jiayi (Editor-in-chief, drama critic) 1, because theater performances are all suspended, we are more actively trying to develop the combination of “performance” and many fields.For example, during this stage we have conducted some online live performance courses, and have had too much communication and cooperation with the live broadcast and video self-media industries.2. The most direct impact is that as an industry media, when the performance is suspended, our content material is almost stagnated, so it is now in a state of semi-rest, but once the epidemic improves and gradually resumes work, in-depth industrial drafts are being planned recentlyTo analyze the short-term, medium-term and long-term impact of the epidemic on the entire industry.3. In fact, there is no special preparation, mainly to adjust the mentality.4. We will definitely finish the original 2020 plan that we originally formulated. In the first two years, we have made a lot of preparations. We will meet with you in 2020. I hope to return to the original track as soon as possible!5. I will not answer, not the creator.Sun Bo (drama director, actor) 1. Have breakfast.Video with parents.Pay close attention to weight, blood pressure, blood sugar.Participate in volunteers.24 hours with pets.Participate in cloud reading drama.Braised vegetables.2. Most of the work is stagnant, there is no performance and performance income, there are no tight work arrangements, and the number of WeChat telephones is less.3. Get up early and get up early to exercise.Participate in the preliminary work of creating a new play, waiting for resumption.4. Bath on the steps at the entrance of the theater for a while.5. I do n’t know yet. I hope that inspirations often come with new and better ideas.Hu Xuanyi (Youth Drama Writer, Director) 1, standing on tiptoe to pick up the courier delivered by the courier from the iron gate; think about what food to eat in 14 months in advance; ashamed for forgetting to wear a mask when you go out;.2. Although you can also discuss online, some ideas still need to meet to inspire each other.Although you can get information and write analysis before sitting down, of course, some things can only be understood by walking on the street.It seems that if you are forced to stand on a cliff, you will fall into drowning and isolation if you are careless.3. There was not much work stopped, but it was not normal work.Mainly in preparation for concentration.4. Go to the theater entrance to see how many people will continue to wear masks.5. It will be more urgent.He Qi (Youth Screenwriter, Director) 1. When you eat, you do n’t need to play dramas or variety shows.2. Because it is rare to stay in my hometown for such a long time, after reading a lot of books that I did n’t have time to read, I created very clear creative ideas for two new scripts.3, and then read more books!4. Rehearsal.5. No longer evading creation against the present.Liu Tianqi (Youth Screenwriter, Director, Actor) 1. Seriously study cooking and cooking.2. Can’t go out to work, and can’t learn and exchange majors with friends face to face.3. Reading, watching movies and training writing.4. Go back home to see grandpa and parents.5. Hurry up and feel a sense of urgency.Open up opportunities to pay tribute to medical staff!Sauna, Ye Zhen Liu Zhen pictures are provided by the editor Tian Ai Ni proofreading Chen Diyan

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