2017 Snooker Masters O’Sullivan 6:5 reversal Liang Wenbo single shot 121 points
The 2017 Snooker Masters started on time on the evening of the 15th at 21 o’clock. The opening game of this Masters was played by the God of Snooker O’Sullivan against the player Liang Wenbo.In the case of the first match point, he lost the winning goal and was reversed by O’Sullivan 6:5, Liang Wenbo regretted losing out!Full game goals: 2017 Snooker Masters 1st round O’Sullivan vs Liang Wenbo’s match record Snooker’s 2016-17 season O’Sullivan has reached the final three times, but it is difficult to win a championship and wonThree runners up!And Liang Wenbo achieved a breakthrough in the Snooker English Open this season, and won the championship trophy of the first large ranking game of his career.O’Sullivan and Liang Wenbo have fought a total of 7 times, and Liang Wenbo only beat Huo Teacher 1 time in the 2013 National Championships.However, in the first round of the two players in the first round of this year’s Shanghai Masters, Liang Wenbo led by a 4:1 score. Although O’Sullivan’s four-game winning streak was over, it also shows that O’Sullivan is no longer invincible.God!  O’Sullivan’s decisive game was finalized with 121 points. After the start of the game, Liang Wenbo scored first in the first game and scored 27 points. Mistakes occurred. The two sides continued to make mistakes, and finally O’Sullivan took 63 to 46.The first game!Liang Wenbo took the lead in the second game. After winning a 40-point lead, the defense made mistakes and O’Sullivan once again reversed the single game!In the third game, Liang Wenbo scored 109 points on a single shot, becoming the first player to break 100 in this Masters.In the fourth game, Liang Wenbo took the lead, scoring 53 points and interrupting, 2:2 draw, and rest after entering 4 games.  After returning from the break, Teacher Huo continued to maintain 89 and 80 points and continued to maintain the leading position of the two games.In the seventh game, O’Sullivan made a mistake after scoring 13 points on the bench. Liang Wenbo built a single shot with 65 points to establish an advantage. O’Sullivan tried to make snooker on the last red ball, but he still lost to himselfIn the mistakes, Teacher Huo scored the last red ball but failed to score the black ball, which resulted in overscore. The score came to 3:4!In the 8th game, after the teacher fired into the combined ball, the force was too small when the light was pasted on the yellow ball, and did not touch the yellow ball!Liang Wenbo won the free kick and tied the total score with 83 points!In the 9th game, Liang Wenbo dropped a white ball while defending. Teacher Huo scored 35 points and gave a big gift. Liang Wenbo scored 50 points and turned into the defense. Teacher Huo sent a gift again. Liang Wenbo took the lead with a total score of 5:4.Get the match point!  In the 10th game, Liang Wenbo had the opportunity to win the game. When Liang Wenbo only needed to clear the colored balls to win, Liang Wenbo was nervous, nervous, nervous, and hit the last black ball., Liang Wenbo made a mistake, O’Sullivan scored a black ball and dragged the game into the tiebreaker!Flee the tiger and return to the mountain, endless troubles!O’Sullivan ended the game with 121 points in a single shot!After the game, O’Sullivan gave an interview article. I don’t deserve to win. I am only lucky to be promoted.

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