The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Asian Cup won the second-line axial straight to defeat the South Korean team in 3 games
The 4th Women’s Volleyball Asian Cup ended in Shenzhen last night. In the final, the Chinese women’s volleyball team with the second line aimed at the Chinese women’s volleyball team directly defeated the South Korean team by 3 games, and won the championship with an excellent record of 6 wins.This is after the Asian Championships in 2011, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the Asian championship after three years.In the third place battle, Kazakhstan defeated Japan 3-2 to win the bronze medal.Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Asian Cup wins this year, the Chinese team, the Japanese team, and the Thai team are divided into two teams, sending the main level one to prepare for the women’s volleyball world championship, and sending second-tier players to play in the Asian Cup.The South Korean team did not qualify for the World Championships, so they sent their main force to Shenzhen to participate in the Asian Cup.In the final round of the group stage, the Chinese team defeated the South Korean team in the next three games. After that, the two teams passed through all the way and finally met again in a narrow road.  Last night, a large number of fans went to the Shenzhen Universiade Stadium to cheer for the Chinese team, and the atmosphere was quite warm.The Chinese team continues to play the youth card: among the starting players, in addition to the secondary attack Yan Ni, the main attack is Zhang Changning, Liu Yanhan, the secondary attack Zhang Xiaoya, the second set Ding Xia, the response Wang Qi and the free agent Huang Liuyan are both after 90, the average age is 20Early years.The South Korean team is headed by star veteran Jin Yanjing.  The progress of this campaign is very similar to the match between the two sides in the group stage.After the opening, the two teams quickly entered the state, fighting against each other, and the score increased alternately.At a critical moment, the Chinese team won a counterattack opportunity by fighting to serve, and went to the two cities 28 to 26 and 26 to 24 first.In the third game, the Chinese team took the lead to win the game.At the end of the game, Jin Yanjing’s strong attack helped the team chase points one after another, once reducing the difference with the Chinese team to 1 point, but at the last moment Liu Yanhan’s deduction was finalized, the Chinese team finally locked the victory 25 to 22.  At the moment when the final whistle sounded, the Chinese substitute players all rushed into the court and celebrated the victory with their teammates in a circle.Since reaching the Asian Championships in 2011, the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost the championship in the next two Asian competitions, especially in the Asian Cup finals in 2012. The Chinese team lost to the Thailand team and lost the championship, causing widespread concern.At this time, although the Chinese team at home is sending out the second-line part, Lienke rivals and eventually regained the Asian Cup championship.In the single award selection after the game, veteran Yan Ni was selected as the most famous player, Zhang Changning, Liu Yanhan, Yan Ni and Ding Xia were shortlisted for the best positions.  Next, this Chinese women’s volleyball team composed of second-line players will move to Incheon, South Korea to participate in the quadrennial Asian Games.Coach Xu Jiande, who coached this team, said that although he is not playing in the main ranking, the team will still strive for the championship. Since the team training in early August this year, we hope to make a difference in the Asian Games.He also said that the biggest opponent at that time was the host Korea team. Of course, the Japanese team and the Kazakhstan team also overcome the strength. This time the Asian Cup championship has improved our self-confidence, but it also exposed the problem of ups and downs and insufficient cooperation.The Asian Games is an away game, and I hope that the team members will adjust their mentality and state to meet greater challenges.  The Incheon Asian Games will open on the 19th of this month, and the volleyball competition will start on the 20th.Looking back at the previous Asian Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship for four consecutive years from 1998 to 2010. If it can win this time, it will tie the Asian women’s volleyball team’s record of 5 consecutive championships.(Reporter Huang Zhiyang)

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